Wk Design WP-C06 Legend dual USB car charger W/Life hammer (Silver)


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The Legend car charger is the perfect companion to carry with you in your car. Sporting 2 x 2.4A (2.4 Amps, high current charger) USB ports, a robust metal chassis and a built in life hammer the Legend car charger from WK Design will be something you wont want to leave the house without.

WK Myth Dapper Automobile Charger

Actual protection when you leave your home.                                                              The Legend is no ordinary car charger. This device comes in-built with a life hammer, perfect for breaking class from inside a trapped car or for carrying on you in case you needed something to defend yourself with.

Charging capabilities.                                        The WK Legend charger supports not only one but 2 x 2.4 Amp  quick charge USB ports. Perfect for long car trips with the family or when you have to run to work and forgot you didn’t charge your phone or your tablet which has your presentation for work on it the night before.

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